Well, it was Ivan Cavelerio who is in the forward position has led fulham to victory.

Fulham had been suffering for several of the past premier leagues. As of England’s oldest performing club currently available, Fulham had been struggling to capture the show. Fulham s manager Scott Parker had praised for being the savior. Poor fulham had missed five out of their eight premier league penalties which made their condition worsened.  But he also missed the chance to put on a level with Tottenham’s horrendous record.

Earlier eight days before the Portuguese was under scrutiny when they defeated Everton by a 3-2 score. Later in this match, his attempt to fight back caught the manager’s attention.

“Lookman came under a lot of stick when he needs to take the penalty and needs to take the medicine” – Parkar said.

“Caveleiro slipped last week and I do not Twitter or Instagram but I can only imagine what was being said”, he joked.

I asked him-“Are you ready to take one if we get it? He looked at me dead in the eye and said-“I’m ready”. That’s the courage we need right now” he asserted.

Match Summary

It was fulhams forward Lookman who started the big fight by slotting past Kasper Schmeichel. He was initiated by a long single run of  Andre Frank Zomb. Later before the break Anguissa Caveleirotried to make a further attempt to score 2-0 but he was hindered by te referee named Simon Hooper.  Christian Fuchs tackled Bobby Decordova-Reid on the pitchside monitor.

Struggling to come back Leicester had now relied on their substitute Harvey Barnes who made it a tough night for the foxes. Come on man they just lost to Liverpool!!!

This winning has taken Fulham up to two places to 17th, and poor Leicester remains three and four points behind Tottenham.

The game’s interesting scene came at the last when Lookman held a Senegal shirt in the memory of late midfielder Papa- Bouba Diop who died on the age of 42, Sunday.

For your information, Ademola Lookman is now the loanee of RB Leipzig right now. Thank You!


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