Joshua vs Pulev Live Guide

Hey, what’s up boxing lover, the biggest boxing fight of this year is now on. After waiting for a long time we will get to see the world top class fighter Anthony Joshua’s fighting. Once again he will come to the boxing ring to protect his title and glory. This time Joshua will fight against one of the greatest fighters from Bulgaria, KubertPulev. Joshua vs Pulev boxing match is now all over the media. Every boxing lover is eagerly waiting to see the match. Probably, it will be the best boxing match of this year. Joshua vs Pulev match is like a treat to the fans. Undoubtedly, it will be a historical fight cause many things are depending on this event.

Anthony Joshua:

Anthony Joshua is the most famous name in the field of boxing. He is a very dangerous and talented fighter. He knows how to break down his enemy, unlike other players he respects his opponents and talk with them with respect. Probably this what makes him a great warrior. People love him so much for an extraordinary fighting strategy and also for a good person. It will be really exciting to see him in the boxing ring. An amazing player like him always startles the fan by their performance.

Kubrat Pulev:

On the other hand, Kubrat Pulev is also a legendary player. There is no way to see him with mean eyes. He has a great career. It was hard for Pulev to come out with a successful career cause he was born in a little unknown village in Bulgaria. He is not only a fighter in the boxing ring but also he a great fighter in life too. He seizes the success from life no matter how hard it is. Pulev will try hard to take control of Joshua’s title. It will hard for both them to become a winner and that’s what makes a boxing match perfect and thrilling.

Fight Preview:

Joshua vs Pulev match is now all over media. It is now the main focus of boxing. Everyone is very much looking forward to this match. The match will decide who will be next crown holder of boxing. Joshua will fight to protect his title and Pulev fight to take back his old glory. It will be the most exciting boxing match of this year. Here we gathered every possible information on how can you live stream Joshua vs Pulev match and what will be the best option for live streaming. We will also discuss Joshua and Pulev background history, their winning chance, the fight location, time table and some other fact that you might enjoy.

Okay, let’s get started then.

Joshua vs Pulev Bout Venue and Schedule:

Joshua vs Pulev boxing is now on. At first, the match date fixed in the middle of the year but because of Covid-19 the date had changed and now finally it is happening. Before that, the match was fixed and arranged three years ago, in 2017. But back then Pulev got heavily injured and he had to fall back from the boxing ring. Anyway, the good news is this rematch will one of the best boxing matches in this Covid-19 crisis. Though we have waited three long years this match, it will be worth it.

Joshua vs Pulev historical match will take place at the Wembley Arena located in London, UK. The venue is now known as The SSE Arena, Wembley. It is one of the largest and oldest boxing stages in London. Wembley Arena arranging boxing match for a long time. Because of Covid-19 pandemic, there will be only 1000 spectator in the stage.

Joshua vs Pulev match will start at 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT / 4 pm CT in Canada and USA. It will start at 10 pm GMT in the UK and the match will start at 11 pm CET on mainland Europe. The match will take place on Saturday, December 12.

How to Live Stream Joshua vs Pulev match:

Joshua and Pulev are the two most famous player in the boxing ring. They both have a very well reputation to keep their enemy down. They only lose for one time in their career. So it will be tough for both them to out as the winner from the boxing ring.

Joshua vs Pulev match is a pay per view match. So you can’t watch the match for free (you may try the free trial of some live stream server that may get you free watching). If you are currently living in London then you can go to the venue and watch live in person. It will more fun and enjoyable but unfortunately, only 1000 people are allowed in the stage. The second option is watching the live stream through the different live stream media server. Let’s check out where you can watch the live stream footage of Joshua vs Pulev match.

Live Stream with Sky Sports Box Office:

The official broadcaster of Joshua vs Pulev match is Sky Sports Box Office. It is one of the most famous live streaming servers in the UK. Besides the UK they also covered a huge range of area. Their popularity has spread worldwide. Sky Sports Box Office offer us to watch the pay per view show from anywhere we want. Nowadays folks are using Sky Sports Box Office for live streaming pay per view boxing than any other live streaming server. If you are in the UK or Ireland then it will be the best option for you to watch the live stream of Joshua vs Pulev match on Sky Sports Box Office. To buy the event on Sky Sports Box Office it will cost you 24.95 pound.

Live Stream with DAZN:

Nowadays the most famous live streaming media is DAZN. DAZN a worldwide based live streaming media, so far the best service you will get worldwide. If you are outside of the UK then DAZN will be your best option to live stream the match cause DAZN covers the widest range of the live streaming market. So to watch the live stream match of Joshua vs Pulev, DAZN will be a wise option. You can get the subscription of DAZN from anywhere of the world. It’s the best choice to watch live stream boxing. DAZN per month subscription will cost you 19.99 dollars. If you wanna take the yearly subscription package you have to pay 99.99 dollars.

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