The Australian Open will start on 8 February. It was covid 19 which compelled it to step backwards.

Covid 19 is everywhere man!! Its does not care if you are a servant or a king!! Hahaha

It was scheduled to happen on 18-31 January in Melbourne. This is the first grand slam of 2021!! I mean what’s wrong with starting a year with a grand-slam right?

The men’s qualifying events have been moved to  Doha, Qatar and its scheduled to happen on 10 January.

But players have to arrive in Melbourne earlier on 15 January. Because of the rule imposed by the government due to covid 19.

The news was confirmed by the ATP announcing the schedule of the first seven weeks.

The season will be starting at Delray Beach, United States. Then the Turkish people can enjoy the event at their home in Antalya at 5 January.

Melbourne will be hosting two tournaments starting on 31 January.


“Health and safety will continue to be paramount as we navigate the challenges ahead” – quoted by ATP chairman Andrea Gaudenzi.

There was an ongoing battle between Tennis Australia and the Victoria state government. They struggled to decide on a particular date. Now the date has been firmly decided, both the parties are satisfied I hope.

Male players initially didn’t agree to maintain the rule of quarantine.

The tournament will be held under strict regulations. Only 1000 people are permitted to view the match. Qualifying will take place in the middle east, women’s event s scheduled to take place in Dubai.

During the quarantine, players will be confined to their rooms and only permitted to do the gym and dining!!

A letter was sent to the players saying during the match only one person is allowed to accompany the other!

Okay, folks lets buckle up together to view the Australian Open!!!!!!



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