Well, it was Ivan Cavelerio who is in the forward position has led fulham to victory.

Fulham had been suffering for several of the past premier leagues. As of England’s oldest performing club currently available, Fulham had been struggling to capture the show. Fulham s manager Scott Parker had praised for being the savior. Poor fulham had missed five out of their eight premier league penalties which made their condition worsened.  But he also missed the chance to put on a level with Tottenham’s horrendous record.

Earlier eight days before the Portuguese was under scrutiny when they defeated Everton by a 3-2 score. Later in this match, his attempt to fight back caught the manager’s attention.

“Lookman came under a lot of stick when he needs to take the penalty and needs to take the medicine” – Parkar said.

“Caveleiro slipped last week and I do not Twitter or Instagram but I can only imagine what was being said”, he joked.

I asked him-“Are you ready to take one if we get it? He looked at me dead in the eye and said-“I’m ready”. That’s the courage we need right now” he asserted.

Match Summary

It was fulhams forward Lookman who started the big fight by slotting past Kasper Schmeichel. He was initiated by a long single run of  Andre Frank Zomb. Later before the break Anguissa Caveleirotried to make a further attempt to score 2-0 but he was hindered by te referee named Simon Hooper.  Christian Fuchs tackled Bobby Decordova-Reid on the pitchside monitor.

Struggling to come back Leicester had now relied on their substitute Harvey Barnes who made it a tough night for the foxes. Come on man they just lost to Liverpool!!!

This winning has taken Fulham up to two places to 17th, and poor Leicester remains three and four points behind Tottenham.

The game’s interesting scene came at the last when Lookman held a Senegal shirt in the memory of late midfielder Papa- Bouba Diop who died on the age of 42, Sunday.

For your information, Ademola Lookman is now the loanee of RB Leipzig right now. Thank You!

Well, when someone impresses Lionel Messi you have to keep an eye on him…

Midfielder in Barcelona? Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? The crown was held by stars like Xavi and Iniesta. So you Want to put yourself in the same position as them right? Well, this 18-year-old teenager had dared to dream. He’s is a bit shy though as of his age.  Barcelona is basically is going through a transition period for now.

And people are seeing him as the future of Barcelona.  Is none other than our very own Pedri!  His original name is Pedro Gonzalez Lopez.  He has come from a small town Tegueste, the town of Tenerife, Spain.

Is he going to follow the footsteps of his Spaniard big brothers who maintained Barcelona’s mid filed for a very long time? Or is he going to surpass them? Well, time will say.

Despite being much younger at the age he showed some of his great skills at previous matches while playing against Juventas and El Clasico last month. He showed a great deal of maturity despite his age.

What makes him stand out in the crowd is that he made a “roulette” touch in his previous match. Do you know who made this Pass previously? It’s Zinedine Zidan!!. Then again his audacious back hill pass to Antoine Griezmann made him extra.

Barcelona has recently started taking care of his country born talents. This way the club basically came back from his idealogy. But don’t put your expectation too high. It’s simple. It’s because of financial issues.

Right now Barcelona’s financial condition is basically at a stake. It needs to reduce its cost by 190 million euros. It should start by wavering fees from the very starting stage. If you think in this way then Pedro actually fits every criterion.


If we go down the history behind the hailing of Pedro actually we can see mother nature has helped Barcelona in this issue. You see Pedro and his family always been a fan of Barcelona. So it was easier for the team to pick him up. It was his grandfather who Tegueste branch of Barcelona fan club. He pursued his agent Hector Paris to take him on.  Rather quickly Pedro was invited to real Madrid for trial. It was the start for his fortune actually. Several big clubs like Bayern Munich,  Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Monchengladbach made him an offer. But by this time Barcelona’s eagle eye didn’t fail to catch their home star. He was taken……


New South Wales Win on Queensland vs New South Wales Game 1. Queensland had a miraculous comeback in the second half of the game.

The blues have started the game pretty awfully. Damien Cook made the mistake first at the very beginning of the game.  At 15 minutes after the game started NSW nearly escaped the attack from m Xavier Coats. Then the blues got their first penalty chance for the game.

Game Preview

At seventeen minutes Josh Addo carried to fuel up the match for the team but he was tackled by Philip Sami and Alexander Brimson. Then Queensland goes for this life chance but its Chery-Evans who missed the penalty.  Luke Keary showed his true colour by hitting a Queensland defenseman.  It created a lot of pressure for the defence side.

At the half-hour of the game, the blues showed great defence and wrapped up Brimson for a brilliant tackle.

After two minutes of the Queensland vs New South Wales game, the table turned for the blues and it was 4-0 already.  Five minutes after shortly it was 0-10 for the blue again and they showed their true colours.

At 43 minutes of the game, Queensland showed a spark for the game when Cherry-Evans took a solo run for the game though it was recovered by the NSW quite brutally.

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The marrons fought back quite miraculously. At 27 minutes after the break, the marrons made it to 4-10. It was followed by Cherry Evans when he made the gap just four points.

At 32 minutes as hunt offloads to Cherry Evans, the game was replaced by 10-10 equalized. Game oN!!

Just a minute shortly after the equalization Cherry Evans made it to 12-10.

After the marrons made the match towards themselves, the blues started to play seven tackle set. But Capewell was there to save the day.

At 45 minutes of the game, Munster gets the advantage of Tupou’s offload attempt. It made the marrons 16-10 ahead making the result of the game quite obvious. Just after that like a never-ending series, it was again Cherry Evans who made their scoreboard 18-10 in favour of the marrons.

At the last hours of the game, Gutherson made a comeback for the marrons trying to fill up the game gap as soon as possible. Though Josh Addo Carr tried with his heart and soul to make the comeback sadly it didn’t make any difference for the blues.

The marrons left the venue with flying colours.

Queensland vs New South Wales second game of the three matches takes place on Wednesday, 11 November, in Sydney.

  • New Soth Wales squad – Tedesco, Tupou, Gutherson, Wighton, Addo-Carr, Keary, Cleary, Saifiti, Cook, Paulo, Cordner, Frizell, Trbojevic
  • Interchange – Walker, Haas, Murray, Crichton
  • Queensland squad – Brimson, Coates, Gagai, Sami, Monster, Cherry-Evans, Welch, Friend, Papalii, Kaufusi, Hess, Faasumaleaui, Capwell
  • Interchange – Hunt, Collins, Arrow, Su’a0.

It’s time for feeding some “golf”. The aristocrats game in my view. The European tour will be hosting its principal event at its very own premise BMW PGA Championship golf. I mean its headquarters. Its located in Wentworth club, in Virginia Water, Surrey, England.

BMW, the German giant will be providing each of the 120 participants with a car in the tournament. By giving them the cars, BMW will basically become the ambassador for safety and health.

The announcement of hosting the game came shortly after the cancellation of the Rolex Series event. BMW provides Europe with the biggest golf event. The prize money will be gathered around an overwhelming amount “Seven Milion Dollars”!!!!

The event was originally known as the British PGA championship. Since after in 1972 the game was renamed and took the form as now it is.

Due to COVID 19 effect, the game will be played inside the closed-door event.

Last year Danny Willet had a score of 20 under par which was the second-lowest score in history. Which lead this Englishman to win. It was against the Spaniard John Rahm.

BMW PGA Championship Course History

Par 72-7284 yards

Stroke index in 2019-72,25

The west course was designed by Harry Colt and was opened in 1926. People often refer to it as “Burma Road”. In recent years WeErnie Els had made some alterations to remake the course and some improvements.

Before the 2017 renewal, Wentworth was a fairly flat, green lines and heathland course. The grasses were tricky to read back then. The field was replaced with pure bentgrass for making sure faster and smooth-rolling.

Wentworth played to 7,284 yards last year but after the change, the European tour website shows overall yardage of about 7,276 yards.

Last Five Winners With Pre Event Exchange Tours

2019- Danny Willet-20 (80.00)

2018-Francesco Molinari-17( 22.00)

2017- Alex Noren -11 (22.00)

2016-Chris Wood-9 (70.00)

2015-Byeong-Hun-An-21 (180.00)

Brief Highlights On Players Summary

Last year we have seen Danny willet playing some of the nice driving. He had ranked 15th for driving distance and 16th for driving accuracy. But unfortunately, there is no special preference for that even if you do it all without being the winner.

Alex Noren won three years ago when he only ranked 26th in Green n regulation.  Again in the case for Rory McIlroy, he ranked 23rd despite winning the game six years ago.

As for Willet, he had ranked eighth for scrambling. However, the best three scramblers grabbed the top 7 positions. Two years ago Molinari won here with the best scrambler position. But in the case of the other years, this stat has not much that value neither has putting average.

So you really can gamble on who will be the winner.

Charity Work By BMW PGA Championship

With the mindset of “Giving Back,” the BMW PGA championship is supporting various special events. This also goes for the traditional BMW hole in one award, for which the pros will not receive any car.

Instead, the money will go to the Alzheimer’s society. And the amount is 63,000 pounds.

Moreover, in order to promote distancing and hygiene, BMW will feature itself on the European tour.

The best UFC pound-for-pound fighter Khabib has retired after beating Justin Gaethje at the main event of UFC 254. You have to taste the bitterness of losing even f you are a  professional player. The big giants like Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo too had to lose sometimes.

But there is a man who didn’t meet losing in his 12 years long career. I don’t know if there is someone like him out there on the earth. But here the Russian mixed martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov is the one who holds this unearthly record.

Khabib won UFC 254 against Justin Gaethje

This Saturday, 25th October he has played the last game in his career. Needless to say, he has also won on this match. He has played 29 matches overall in his career. His winning ratio is 29-0!!!!

Khabib retired after won UFC 254

He is also undefeated and undisputed in The ultimate fighting championship (UFC). He has played 13 matches in UFC and of course, nailed them all.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Retired

This is why the whole world shook when he announced his retirement. Other athletes are hurt hearing the news. He has had his support from Christiano Ronaldo, Muhammed Saleh from Liverpool, and German world cup winner Mesut Ozil. Personalities from world cricket also have congratulated him.

Conor McGregor, his long-time opponent also congratulated him. He tweeted saying- “Respect to your father, including you and your family.”

Why Khabib retired?

But it breaks heart when you know why he retired. This year in may his father plus his coach was diagnosed with covid 19. After being in a coma for several days he died in a clinic in Moscow on 3 July, aged 57.

He did retire mainly because of his father. His mom forbade him to play any match after his father died. Khabib kept his mother’s words. This is why he announced the fight against Justin Gaethje was the last ever match in his life.

He said- I was undefeated in my UFC and MMA career. I was the sole champion. But I want to say this match is the last match of my life. I can’t enter the ring without my father. Never did in the past, nor do will future. When UFC approached me to fight Justin, I had to persuade my mother for three days. She forbade me from playing without my father. I promised her this is my last match. It was my father’s dream. I fulfilled his dream.

Khabib’s MMA career:

This Russian has started his career by playing in a lightweight championship. He was the champion the time he played. According to Fight metrix he is number #2 all-time best in the lightweight category. Some people even regard him as the best of the bests.

Khabib is also the first Muslim artist to win the UFC title. He has got his faith in his God. He was flooded with emotion in his last match. Khabib said “No one can defeat you if Allah is with you. You have to believe it.”

He also didn’t forget to thank his opponent Justin. He said you are a legend. Please take care of your friends. Try to be good with your parents because we all don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Later it was known fact that Khabib was played with his two broken toes and one broken bone in his foot.

UFC president Dana White said in a press conference that Khabib was in the hospital. He had injured himself three weeks ago. No one knew it. But Khabib is one of the strongest man in this earth. If you list one of the greatest athletes of all time Khabib would be sure on that list.

Khabib Nurmagomedov was born in Sildi, Russia on 20 September 1988. His father Abdulmanap was his personal trainer also. It’s his father who initiated his good charm. He debuted in 2008 in MMA. This was the start this man started his winning track.

Stars like Mcgregor, Gaethje, Poirier have confronted him so far. And of course, Khabib has acknowledged all of them the pungent taste of life. Needless to say, his home is a mini-museum of so many prizes and achievements.

Khabib has mastered all major martial arts area like Sambo, Judo including wrestling. One ranking says he was the most dangerous man to fight in the ring.

With 23.6 million followers on Instagram, he is the most popular athlete in Russia.

Everything you need to know about Masters Golf 2020 Live, how to watch, when, where and golf format. Let’s start with some basic information…

When we talk about legacy in golf there comes a “Green jacket”. Winning a green jacket is like a dream come true for many professional golfers.

Augusta national club will be hosting the Master’s golf tournament this November 12. And of course, when the club named is Augusta National club the world, has lots to see.

When you talk about a green jacket I gamble over players. Because it’s such a big deal for the very best golfers. Who would you gamble over? Tiger Woods? Oh, I knew it…. But do you think whether it does make any difference if this man wears a green jacket even it’s the 100t time??? No, I don’t think so. What about Ricky Fowler? Then it makes the difference.

What is Green Jacket?

For those who don’t know what the green jacket is. Well, this an attire by Augusta National Club. The time players wear it they become the honorary member of the club. Let me give a slighter idea about the value of this jacket. The jacket is frequently going to auction. And the bid starts from whopping 25,000$. I hope now you get it a little.

Masters Golf Green Jacket

I Have tried to sum up the players here who are known to be big fishes. Let’s see who has a greater chance to hold the title.

Rory McIlroy

If you see most of the golf news portal you might wonder yourself looking at the picture who is this handsome guy? Does he act? Well, this Irish man is irreplaceable when we talk about golf. But from all-time great to all-time legend it will cost him a little more. Don’t you think?

Dustin Johnson

Despite his winning 23 times on the PGA tour Dustin still needs to add some feathers in his baggage. If he wins a Masters cup, or say a US open, or an open championship he will stand out among the best of the bests.

Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson looks a bit chubby as his name suggests in real life. This left-hander has won the Masters tournament in 2012. And in 2014. This time it’s his chance to enter into the list of three players who have won all three major titles.

Collin Morikawa

Well for this man I don’t know if you even know his name. But I want to assure you he’s a good player. He already has one master in his home. Winning this season will just make him more appalling to people.

Webb Simpson

If I list 10 people on the golf who are regarded as the best of the bests this man would come for sure. No, every golfer dares to be enlisted on that list.

Patrick Reed

As for Reed he quite underrated in my view. Similarly, I don’t want to prolong my words for him. If he really wins this time I would say I have to take more peanuts to nurture my brain.lol.

Rickie Fowler

Did you know Rickie has Japanese blood in his vein? His middle name “Yutaka” which means rich. This name came from his maternal grandfather who is Japanese. Well, he’s definitely one of the richest golfers of our time. Of the major less group this man really stands out in his way. But whether to regard him the possible winner I think there is still a lot to go.

Justin Rose

If I tell you to list people who have 1o wins at PGA tours and one major Justin would be one of them. So, of course, Justin is really a suitable candidate for the tournament.

Bryson Dechambeau

Seven times winner at PGA tour with one major he’s definitely one of the candidates who stands out. But if he wins master this time I would say he will remember this corona stricken year all his life with adoration.

Jordan Spieth and Brooks Koepka

People usually lump them together for a certain category. As for spieth people may know him as the “bad boy” for the golfs. He blamed his caddie because he could not shot well. I don’t know if people could wipe off this memory from their minds. I have seen web portals heading “ Speith will be Speith.”

On the other hand, Brooks Koepka has undergone a stem cell procedure when he was struggling with a partially torn patella tendon.

I don’t know if you want to score over these two men. Do if you want, but do it at your own risk!

This year 2020 Masters tournament will be the 84th edition of the tournament. It was originally scheduled for April 9-12. Due to covid 19 Augusta National Golf Club had to renew their date.

Masters 2020 Format

In a year the Masters are the first major tournament. In past, the Masters were the only tournament to use two-man pairing during the first two rounds. Like the other majors, this tournament consists of four rounds with 18 holes each. Unlike other Masters, it has a relatively small field. So the competitors have to play in a group of three for the first two rounds. This tournament has its own uniqueness. It’s the only tournament conducted by a private club.

Ways to watch The 2020 Masters Golf Tournament

This is the first time since 1963 golf lovers won’t see any live coverage of the game for free on television in the UK. Sky Sports will be broadcasting with pay-per-view.

ESPN and CBS viewers can watch it live online.

For US viewers they can stream it live via masters.com.

How to watch Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream Online:

With the help of progressively current developments, it has ended up being very easy to acknowledge The Masters Golf 2020 on any contraptions. Fans can watch The Masters Golf Live stream online on their iPod, Mac, Pc, PC, or any Android contraption.

They can watch and check out the investigations at whatever point, any place, wherever on the planet. In this way, you can enjoy your favourite The Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream Online.

We intended to offer the most raised characteristics live Gushing organizations at the best expenses. Fans simply need to pay a little mean value The Masters Golf match-ups live spouting exercises. The best part is you get access to The Master’s Golf 2020, so you’ll be watching and following your favoured gathering or competition all through the entire Match.

How to watch Masters Golf Tournament 2020 Live on Cable:

If You Want To Enjoy The Masters Golf On Cable, Select Only Official Streaming Site. Because Official Site Is Only Trusted By Everybody. If You Use Other Streaming Site, You Can Get Only Video, Only Sound Or It Can’t Be Clear Like HD.

On The Other Hand, The Official Streaming Site Will telecast The Masters Golf Live. So, You Should All-Time Connect Official Channel. Because Official Channel Will Give You The Access To Watch The Show.

If there Are Many Problems To Connect With Official Channel, You Can Subscribe The Channel, So That, You Can Get Access By Using Cable Any Time Anywhere.

How to watch Masters Golf Tournament Live without Cable:

Behind This Modern World, There Is Another World That Is Called Internet World. If You Want To Watch The Masters Golf 2020 Online Without A Cable, You Have To Find The Online Accessible Channels. Watching Without A Cable Is A Prevalent Choice For Those With High Mobility, Or Simply Those Who Don’t Want To Use Cable. It will be The Best Streaming Services For You.

How to watch Masters Golf Tournament 2020 Live on Smartphone:

This Modern Era in 2020, Smartphone Is The Most Using Thing To Watch Anything, to Get Information About Anything And So On.

For The Users of Smart Phone We Are Ready to Give You The Information, So That, You Can always enjoy The Masters Golf 2020 Live. You Can Install Official Broadcasting Software or You Can Get Access By Using Smartphone by following instructions. Always Follow Our Site And Enjoy The Masters Golf Live Stream On Smartphone.

How to watch Masters Golf live Coverage from different Countries:

United States

So Many United states fans are looking to watch this Masters golf Tournament coverage. ESPN and CBS to Show Exclusive Broadcast the Masters 2020 live in the USA so all the American fans have to Go CBS / ESPN to Enjoy the Masters Golf live telecast. CBS apps also provide Live streaming to online viewers of Android and Mobile users.


Since the 2018 Nine Network to be broadcast the Masters golf live in Australia country.

United Kingdom

BBC has broadcast the Masters 2020 Golf Tournament live in the united kingdom. it also provides live radio commentary on the closing stages on Radio Five Live. The BBC’s coverage airs without commercials because it is financed by a licence fee.


Bell Media’s TSN and Shaw Media’s Global has been combined to show the Masters Golf tournament live in Canada country. The tournament has had broadcast rights shared between the two channels for many years.

“We put together a cross-functional team that included people from Shaw Media and Bell Media and put together a joint package that is seamless for advertisers and went out and made sales calls together,” he says. “When you can combine the speciality channels of sports with mainstream channels it makes sense with events like this that run over multiple days.”


Eir Sports Broadcast all four round of Masters golf 2020 live in Ireland which previously broadcast the opening two rounds with RTE on the weekend coverage.

The Masters 2020 TV Coverage Info:

Masters edition 2020 is on ESPN and CBS. These two channels are going to broadcast the event collaboratively around the world. They are going to televise it live from the venue August from the starting date to the conclusion of that event. The two stations are to share the broadcasting duties.

This means that the two stations split the broadcast duty between themselves. ESPN will take care of the event on Thursday and Friday while the CBS will be in cover on Thursdays and Sundays. Golf Channel is also going to do extensive coverage of that event from Mondays to Saturday. There are some of the events that would be available for app and streaming.

The 2020 Masters Golf TV Channels Info:

TV channel: ESPN, CBS
Online streaming: WatchESPN, CBS All Access

Early round coverage of The Masters 2020 will continue to be televised by ESPN and the rest of the tournament to be broadcast on CBS.

The Masters Golf TV Schedule:

  • Thursday, Nov. 12: 7:30am – 2pm ET (ESPN); 2-5 pm ET (CBS)
  • Friday, Nov. 13: 9:30am – 4pm ET (ESPN); 4-7 pm ET (CBS)
  • Saturday, Nov. 14: 11am – 7:30pm ET (ESPN)
  • Sunday, Nov 15: 10am – 12pm ET (ESPN); 12-6 pm ET (CBS)