Hey, what’s up boxing fans, are you aware of the next upcoming biggest boxing match. I am sure you already know about this if you are die-hard boxing fan. If you don’t know what boxing match I am talking about then I should suggest you sit down and hold your chair cause things are going to get crazy.

The legendary boxers in the history of the boxing ring are coming from after a long time, yes we talking about one of the most dangerous boxing players, Manuel Charr or the Diamond Boy. He will come into the ring after a long time and his returning match is going to take place with another superstar the Trevor Bryan.

Well, I think these two names is enough to make the match one of the greatest thrilling matches ever.

Preview of the Fight:

Manuel Charr vs Trevor Bryan boxing match will be presented by the world most famous promoter Mr Don King. Donald King is an American boxing promoter known for his involvement in historic boxing matchups. Many many historical matches were held by him. He is well for known for presenting outstanding boxing match. Don King won the WBA heavyweight championship bid in March 2020. And now he is going to present world two top boxing players for the WBA Heavyweight World championship. Every boxing fans including the fighters is very much excited about the match. They all are waiting to see the match result cause this will decided the king of the boxing ring.

Here we gathered everything you need to know about the Charr vs Bryan match. Here we will talk about the how can you watch the live stream of Charr vs Bryan fight.

Charr vs Bryan Fight Location and Schedule:

Charr vs Bryan match will take place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, on January 29, 2021, at 9 pm ET.

How to watch Charr vs Bryan fight live stream from anywhere:

Okay fellas, now let me take you to the real point on how can you live stream Charr vs Bryan fight.

Charr vs Bryan is pay per view event and unfortunately, because of some reason the match will not allow live audience. I know, I am as much as disappointed as you are. Though most of the boxing viewers enjoy the game from home, some of them like to watch the live game in person and those who experienced live event they know it’s the most thrilling moment in their sports live.

Anyway, the game will available online where we can watch Charr vs Bryan live stream for free. Some live streaming media will offer you to watch the event from anywhere you want. Let’s find what is the best way to watch the Charr vs Bryan fight.

Watch Live Stream of Charr vs Bryan fight on Don King TV:

Don King is the promoter of Charr vs Bryan, so the match will available on Don King TV. It’s a very popular site to live stream boxing matches. A huge amount of boxing viewers watch Don King for live streaming their desirable boxing match. In here they publish boxing matches that are not promoted by Don King. That’s what makes Don King TV even more useful and famous. It’s mainly a USA based server but International users are also allowed to watch the live streaming of Charr vs Bryan from here. You can watch the whole fight event with all other matches from Don King TV. To watch with Don King you will have to pay 19.95 dollars.

Live Stemming Charr vs Bryan Match on FITE.TV:

Fite TV is one of the most popular boxing live streaming servers. People from all over the world use Fite TV to live stream boxing. It’s probably cover the highest amount of marker after DAZN. You can connect with Fite TV from anywhere in the world. Its users are everywhere. Fite TV is mostly famous for boxing and wrestling event. Charr vs Bryan will also broadcast in Fite TV. So this could be your channel to watch live streaming of Charrva Bryan match. Personally, I suggest Fite TV too to live stream the event cause they come with so many features. To get Fite TV subscription you will have to pay 4.99 dollars per month and if want an annual package then you have to pay 49.99 dollars per year.

All the matches of this evening:

Here in this WBA Heavyweight Champion, the fan will see four more amazing matches along with the Charr vs Bryan match. Don King arranged for matches for his viewers. I will suggest not to miss any of them cause each boxing match will be this month best fighting. The event contains two championship boxing match, a special heavyweight attraction bout of the WBC Heavyweight Champion BermaneStiverne and there will three other classical boxing match. You will enjoy every one of them. Let’s check out this event boxing matches list.

The main event of this championship is obviously, Charr vs Bryan match the WBA heavyweight championship. In the co-main event section, the WBA World Cruiserweight Champion BeibutShumenov will defend his world title against boxing star Raphael Murphy.

The three classical boxing event you will see here is,

  1. The 1994 WBC Super Lightweight title fight between Julio Cesar Chavez and Frankie Randall.
  2. The 1999 WBC and IBF World Welterweight title fight between Oscar De la Hoya and Felix “Tito” Trinidad.
  3. 1982: The WBC World Heavyweight title between Larry Holmes and Gerry Cooney.

All the boxers are coming to the venue to protect their pride and fight for their glory. After the match, there is a big fight waiting for Charr but at first, he has to make this fight at his favour, hope he will succeed.

Players Background History:

There will be a whole lot of players in this event. If you are looking for all the background history you can check the official site, there you will find all the history. In here we will discuss the main event players Manuel Charr and Trevor Bryan background history and who has the better chance to win the match.

Before going to any calculation let me tell you one thing, this is just a calculation depending on their previous match and other stuff so we can guess a call who will make this game own but we can’t be hundred percent sure about it. While you are in the boxing ring anything could happen.

About Manuel Charr:

We all know pretty much everything about Charr, those who don’t know about this great boxers this will helpful for them to enjoy the match. Manuel Charr is also known as the Mahmoud Omeirat Charr, his nickname is Diamond Boy. Charr is a German professional boxer and he was born in Lebanese, he is a Syrian descent. Since 2017 he is holding the WBA heavyweight championship and he was challenged for the WBC heavyweight title in 2012. Charr last fight was almost three years ago, it took place on November 25, 2017, against Alexander Ustinov. Charr won the match against Ustinov. He played a total of 35 matches and he won 31 of them, he won by knock out 17 matches. He only fails to win four matches.

About Trevor Bryan:

Trevor Bryan is one of the greatest boxers from America. He is holding WBA interim heavyweight title since 2018. Bryan played his last match half and a year ago against another legendary player BJ Flores. In that match, Bryan won by technical knock out. Bryan played a total of 20 matches and he won every one of the matches and stay undefeated, he won by knock out 14 of them.

Most of the boxing expertise saying that Charr will be the winner though Bryan history and calculation suggest that Bryan has more possibility to win the game. Anyway, my money is on the Charr hope he will come out as the winner.


Well, this was almost everything you need to know to live stream Charr vs Bryan fight. Hope you enjoy the whole event and don’t forget to buy popcorn before the match start.


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