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How to watch Colbert vs Jaime live stream online from anywhere. Tonight is the night when two greatest boxing fighter of the world will face against each other in the boxing ring. Yes, I am talking about Chris Colbert vs Jamie Arboleda’s legendary fighting match.

Tonight they will fight each other to defend their glory. Colbert vs Jaime bout will be one of the biggest moment of this year. The first was scheduled before 12 December.

But for some reason, they have changed and now the fight will take place tonight. Every boxing lover is eagerly waiting to see the match. It will be a very exciting game cause both are the players heavily dangerous to their enemy. Here we will discuss how to live stream the match and before that let’s check out Colbert and Arboleda boxing states, winning rate, background history.

Analysis of player winning rate, background history, statement etc:

Who is Chris Colbert?

Chris Colbert one of the most famous young boxing celebrity. Not so long ago he started his career but somehow he managed to be a super start player by overnight. Colbert first started his career as a professional boxer in 2015.

He is currently 24 years old, its the time to raise. Colbert young spirit in the boxing ring made his enemy afraid. He will be one of the legendary players of all time.

Colbert already managed to gain a huge fan base and fan follower by his extraordinary performance in the boxing ring. Colbert height is 5 foot 8 inches. His nickname is “prime time”.

Colbert is a fearful name to his opponents. He knows how to break down his enemy. Colbert has played a total of 14 fight and he did not lose any of them. He wins by knock out for 5 times. Colbert goes into the fight ranked number 1 by the WBA in the 130lb division. It will be really hard for Arboleda to defeat Colbert.

Who is Jaime Arboleda?

On the hand, Jaime Arboleda is also as famous and popular as Colbert. Arboleda has made his fame and popularity since the day he appeared in the boxing ring. Arboleda is considered one of the most dangerous opponents in the boxing ring.

His unique ways of fighting and the sudden attack made him a world top class boxer. Undoubtedly, one day he will be the king of the boxing world. Jaime has a great career and reputation in the boxing field. His first professional boxing match took place in 2014.

He is a year older than Colbert in boxing profession and Arboleda is 26 years old so he is 2 years older than Colbert. Arboleda has more experience than Colbert, it is a great winning opportunity for him.

Arboleda is one of the greatest fighters of this era. He came from a little village in Panama and now he is dominating the world boxing ring. Arboleda has played a total of 16 matches. He loses 1 fight and wins by knock out 13 of them. Arboleda is currently ranked number 4 by the WBA in the 130lb division.

Colbert vs Arboleda boxing match will decide who will be the next crown holder of boxing. They both are a very strong player. It will hard to tell who will win the game. All we can do is come up with some calculation of their winning rate.

The stats suggest Arboleda has a massive power advantage over Colbert, boosting at 81% knock out percentage over Colbert’s 36%. So put your bet on Arboleda.

The math could be wrong, anything could happen in the boxing ring, we have to wait for the match end.

Colbert vs Arboleda Match Location and Schedule:

Tonight we will get to see the one the most exciting fighting match of this year. Colbert vs Arboleda match will take place in Mohegan Sun Casino located in Connecticut, USA. It is one of the famous spots for boxing. Every year a lot of boxing event and some other occasion take place in here. The match will start at 9 pm ET. The fight is scheduled for 12 rounds in the Super Featherweight division, which means the weight limit will be 130 pounds.

So Colbert vs Arboleda match will take place on 12 December, Mohegan Sun Casino at 9 pm ET.

How to Live Stream Colbert vs Arboleda Fight:

Now let’s get you to the real point, how can you watch the live stream of the match from anywhere you want. There are basically two option available for live streaming. First one is cable or tv dish line, pretty simple way and one of the most popular media to watch the live stream of this event. All you have to do pay your bill regularly and make your sure that your tv comes with channels hat broadcasting Colbert vs Arboleda match. You can watch them on ShowTime, Fox Sports channel. The second option is live stream though different live stream server. This is now one of the most popular media to live stream sports.

Live Stream with Fox Sports:

Fox Sports is one of the best ways to watch the event. If you are in the USA then Fox Sports is the best ways to watch the live stream footage. Fox Sports comes with tv and satellite system. We can use your tv provider to watch the event or you can live stream the game with Fox Sports PPV apps.

If you are gonna watch game on your tv channel then Fox Sports is absolutely free. And to get the Fox Sports PPV subscriptions it will cost you 74. 99 dollars.

Live Stream with Premier Sports:

Another famous live stream server is Premier Sports. If you are in the UK then the best option to watch the event through Premier Sports. Premier Sports is one of the most popular live streaming servers in the UK. You can watch every kind of sports by using Premier Sports. You can watch the live stream fight by using Premier Sports in any devices. To get the Premier Sports subscription you have to pay 9.99 pounds per month.

Live Stream with Showtime:

The best option to watch Colbert vs Arboleda match is watching it through Showtime. Showtime is the official broadcaster of this match so it will be more fun and enjoyable to watch the live stream on Showtime. To get the subscription of Showtime it will cost you 10.99 dollars per month.


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