Lionel Messi shows gratitude towards his fans

Ah, again Its Lionel Messi and his club. Again, again and again!! hahaha. I don’t think this conflict is going to end anyway. This drama has been going for the past few years. Remember when Messi used to play under Pep Guardiola? Ah, I miss those days.

Lionel Messi is not going to stay in Barcelona after this 2020-2021 session. Yeah, you heard it right. He’s not going to stay.

It does not matter for him though. We all know Messi has lived his life with this club. But unfortunately, it’s not serving him right now very well. Many clubs are in their way all ready to take him in. Including one of the richest clubs like Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain. Agusti Benedito doesn’t think their club can hold on to Messi anymore. Moreover, Barcelona is suffering from a huge debt.

Benedito is the one who is going to stand in the next presidential election of the old club.

Benedito said-“of course we all want that Messi doesn’t leave us. But this is not going to happen. He the best football player in the world. We don’t want to lose him. But I heard Messi has himself expressed his desire to leave Barcelona. I don’t think Messi is beating out of the blue. I’m sure there is a reason behind his words”.

That was the latest update from Messi and his club. Not sure though what happens in the future.


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