Tyson vs Jones Updates

The world will endure an exhibition boxing match between Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones. The match is scheduled for November 28, 2020, at the dignity health sports park in Carson, California.

Tyson gave an interview with rapper T.I.He said, “I want to go to the gym and get in shape to be able to box three or four-round exhibitions for some charities and stuff”. He then hinted his come back at an Instagram video of his training quoting “I’m back”. Later he went on  Facebook live stream adding- “ Anything’s possible. I feel unstoppable now.The Gods of war have reawakened me.Ignited by my ego, and want me to got war again. I feel I’m again.”

On the other hand, Jone’s 29 years old career met an end on February 8, 2018, when he defeated Scott Sigmon. The event took place at the Bay Center in Pensacola, Florida.

After Tyson posted his training videos just six days after Evander Holyfield also posted his video embarking” Are You Ready”? He later expressed his desire to fight with Mark Tyson. But they eventually failed to materialize the contract. Then the announcement came on 23 July that Jones has replaced Evander on the contract.

Below here is a little ASMR for some of those interested folks who want to know about these two legends more profoundly.

Who is Myke Tyson?

Well, when it comes about mark Tyson, he’s considered one of the best heavyweight champions of all time. He claimed his first belt at 20years which made him the youngest heavyweight champion.

Tyson joined Floyd Patterson, Muhammed Ali, Evander Holyfield, Tim Witherspoon, George Foreman as the only men in history to have regained a heavyweight championship after losing it.

He is also known as “Iron Mike” for his intimidating boxing style. And for his controversial behaviour inside and outside the ring. Tyson holds the record of the “third largest unified championship reign” in the heavyweight history.

But when there is a light, there will be shadows. Tyson was convicted of rape during his peak time in his career. He was given six years of punishment. Though released after three years on parole.

Despite receiving $30 million dollars for several of his matches and receiving $300 million dollars on his career he declared that he has gone bankrupt in 2003. We wonder how he spends his fortunes to meet such a misery. Despite all the controversies he made he still will be our “the Baddest Man On Planet”

Who is Roy Jones Jr?

And here goes American born Roy Levesta Jones Jr.He also holds Russian citizenship what makes him a dual citizenship holder. He is the first middleweight champion to win the heavyweight champion title in 106 years. Also known as Captain Hook holds the excruciating record of 66 wins and 9 losses.

He was known for his exceptional quick hand movements, and reflections. He is the only boxer in history who started his career as Junior Middleweight but ended up being the heavyweight champion. For many, he’s considered one of the best boxers of all time.


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