Pedro is highly appreciated by his fellow team members

Well, when someone impresses Lionel Messi you have to keep an eye on him…

Midfielder in Barcelona? Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? The crown was held by stars like Xavi and Iniesta. So you Want to put yourself in the same position as them right? Well, this 18-year-old teenager had dared to dream. He’s is a bit shy though as of his age.  Barcelona is basically is going through a transition period for now.

And people are seeing him as the future of Barcelona.  Is none other than our very own Pedri!  His original name is Pedro Gonzalez Lopez.  He has come from a small town Tegueste, the town of Tenerife, Spain.

Is he going to follow the footsteps of his Spaniard big brothers who maintained Barcelona’s mid filed for a very long time? Or is he going to surpass them? Well, time will say.

Despite being much younger at the age he showed some of his great skills at previous matches while playing against Juventas and El Clasico last month. He showed a great deal of maturity despite his age.

What makes him stand out in the crowd is that he made a “roulette” touch in his previous match. Do you know who made this Pass previously? It’s Zinedine Zidan!!. Then again his audacious back hill pass to Antoine Griezmann made him extra.

Barcelona has recently started taking care of his country born talents. This way the club basically came back from his idealogy. But don’t put your expectation too high. It’s simple. It’s because of financial issues.

Right now Barcelona’s financial condition is basically at a stake. It needs to reduce its cost by 190 million euros. It should start by wavering fees from the very starting stage. If you think in this way then Pedro actually fits every criterion.


If we go down the history behind the hailing of Pedro actually we can see mother nature has helped Barcelona in this issue. You see Pedro and his family always been a fan of Barcelona. So it was easier for the team to pick him up. It was his grandfather who Tegueste branch of Barcelona fan club. He pursued his agent Hector Paris to take him on.  Rather quickly Pedro was invited to real Madrid for trial. It was the start for his fortune actually. Several big clubs like Bayern Munich,  Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Monchengladbach made him an offer. But by this time Barcelona’s eagle eye didn’t fail to catch their home star. He was taken……



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