Rafael Nadal French Open 2020 Winner

Rafael Nadal shocked Djokovic’s fans by winning at 6-0, 6-2, 7-5 sets. He is now tied with Rodger Federer at 20 grand slam titles, the most in history.

Djokovic is trailing them from behind with 17 grand slams. The last time Nadal and Djokovic met each other at the 2019 Australian Open. Where Djokovic claimed the court. It’s been now 13 times that Nadal has won the Rolland Garros. Djokovic’s ranking on #1 is one of the two men to beat him on the clay court.

Djokovic admitted Nadal’s geniuses

Djokovic congratulated Nadal by saying- “ What are you doing in this court is unbelievable. Not just this court, throughout your entire career, you have been a great champion”. He later added-“Today you have shown you are the king of the clay”.

Federer Congratualed Nadal

In a recent Facebook post, Federer praised Nadal and showed off his bromance with by calling him “Rafa”. He said –“As my greatest rival of many years, I believe we have pushed each other to become better players.” He also said that he has great respect towards him as a person and as a champion. By his statement, we can see how to respect each other even standing on the edge of rivalry.

This winning has also given No-2 ranked Nadal a 5-4 record against Djokovic in the grand slam finals. So this winning has a lot of meaning to him. Expressing his joy Nadal said –“win here means everything to me no? It’s not the moment honestly,….(to) think about the 20th”. He said it when he was asked about tying with Federer.

Nadal also is the oldest French open champion who turned 34 this July. Another record he made by setting a 15 years span between his first and final grand slam win.

Let’s have a glimpse on the past recaps of the matches where Djokovic had to face Nadal at different times.

Nadal vs Djokovic: Head to Head records

2019 Australian Open Final: Djokovic defeated Nadal – 63,62,63.

In regard to the Australian open Djokovic said –“But I think I have played form the big matches, (my best) against Nadal in the finals of Australian Open 2019. That’s definitely one of the biggest matches (I have played) on a big occasion against the biggest rival. (It was) probably the best quality tennis I have played.”

Rolland Garros 2014: Nadal Defeated Djokovic – 36,75,62,64

When Djokovic entered this match, he only had six grand slam titles. Still, he had not yet completed a career grand slam.

US Open 2013 Final: Nadal defeated Djokovic – 62,36,64,61

Though Djokovic turned the table in the sixth game of the second set, Nadal eventually managed to grab the title.

US Open 2020 Final: Nadal defeated Djokovic –  64,57,64,62

For you to notice the French open is normally held in late May and June. But coronavirus compelled it to lag behind to this month.  the tournament had an expectation of 11,500 viewers daily. But lockdown seized it to 1000 fans only. It compelled the viewers to be satisfied with seeing through the screen.

According to the New York Times, Frances coronavirus cases had a spike recently with 32% over the last two weeks.


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