How to watch The Last Dance: stream the Michael Jordan documentary online anywhere. The much-anticipated Michael Jordan documentary from ESPN finally debuts this Sunday.

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“The Last Dance Documentary” is a 10-part series that follows Jordan and his Chicago Bulls during the 1997-1998 championship season. Originally scheduled to premiere in June, ESPN moved the series up to April while the coronavirus pandemic has left many quarantined at home.

The Last Dance Online

The NBA may postpone due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t loads of great stuff to watch right now. In fact, one of the most eagerly anticipated sports series of all-time is set to land on TV screens around the world this week. Basketball fan or not, you’ve heard of MJ so here’s how to watch The Last Dance online and stream the new Michael Jordan documentary wherever you are.

Here’s How to Watch The Last Dance Documentary Online

We’re excited to watch The Last Dance Michael Jordan documentary online because wow it’s been too long since there’s been new sports content on TV. Yes, it’s not a new game, but this highly anticipated documentary is going to give us an unprecedented look at a critical year in MJ’s basketball career.

The Last Dance follows Michael Jordan and the 1997/98 Chicago Bulls as they embark on the final NBA championship run of their dynasty. Two episodes of the 10-part miniseries air each Sunday from now until May 19 on ESPN starting at 9 pm ET (6 pm PT). Those without cable can easily tune in to ESPN via a great value Sling TV Orange package, which is now discounted to just $20 for the first month.

How to Stream The Last Dance Online

On Monday, April 20, The Last Dance starts at 9 p.m. Eastern on ESPN in the U.S., internationally it’s streaming on Netflix. Two episodes debut each night, for five weeks, forming a two-hour block of the TV trying to fill the hole left by the shuttered NBA season.

Originally scheduled to air in June to coincide with the NBA Finals, The Last Dance’s release date was brought forward to April due to the COVID-19 lockdown. It’s directed by veteran sports filmmaker Jason Hehir, who’s also behind the critically acclaimed Andre the Giant documentary, and charts the final championship run of the 90’s Chicago Bulls dynasty and its mercurial leader, Michael Jordan.

Is The Last Dance on Netflix?

For a great many people, this is a firm yes!

All 10 episodes will air on ESPN in the U.S. and on Netflix outside of the U.S. Episodes are one hour long and will premiere two at a time every Sunday on ESPN and every Monday on Netflix.

Netflix is ESPN’s global distribution partner for The Last Dance and new episodes of the miniseries are set to drop on the popular streaming service just after they air on the cable channel – around 3 am ET or 12am PT every Monday in North America, or 8 am BST in the United Kingdom, where it will likely find itself among the best Netflix UK shows sooner rather than later.

Netflix Australia and Netflix Canada will also be offering the series for streaming after it first airs on ESPN in the US, so read on and we’ll explain how to watch The Last Dance wherever you are.

How to watch The Last Dance Documentary from anywhere in the world

Already got a streaming service like Netflix to watch The Last Dance? It’s all straightforward until you find yourself abroad, when annoying geo-blocking restrictions will likely cut you off from your normal streaming provider. Admittedly, – most people aren’t going anywhere anytime soon right now. But global travel will one day resume and, in an absolute worse case scenario, you may even be stuck abroad.

How to watch The Last Dance documentary in the UK

Basketball fans and, more specifically, Netflix members in the UK have it good, as new episodes of The Last Dance will alley-oop to the popular streaming service every Monday after they air on ESPN in the States.

This means anyone with a Netflix subscription will be able to watch The Last Dance on a range of devices including Smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, Mac machines, consoles and much more.

If you’re not in the UK for whatever reason and can’t access your usual streaming service, remember you can always just grab a VPN and point yourself back to Blighty to watch Netflix just like you would from home.

Stream The Last Dance Documentary online From Australia

As in the UK, Netflix has the exclusive streaming rights for The Last Dance in Australia. This is great news for those who already subscribe to the service, but those who don’t will find that it’s great value from just $9.99 a month. New episodes will be released every Monday at around 6 pm AEST.

If you happen to be going abroad and are worried that geo-blocking will stop you from watching The Last Dance and Netflix Australia like you normally would, don’t worry – just use a VPN to point yourself back Down Under.

How to watch The Last Dance Documentary in Canada

Sensing a theme? Netflix Canada is home to The Last Dance and episodes will go live on the service each Monday.

Anyone who might find themselves outside of Canada and wants to watch shows like The Last Dance just as they would at home can do so by using a VPN.


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